Selasa, 26 Agustus 2014

Implementation of appreciative inquiry

Appreciative inquiry is solution about break through the problems,because the positive way perspective can get view of do or not about change .

With colaborative of straight and potencial looking,it is the way to get the challange together for get the best perform on the future.

AI (appreciative inquiry) has a landing thinking that compound of a straight is more good than maintenance of less. The future is some blankspot area which is take the doubt and less of dream. The straight away will give hope and positive stimulus than remember of sadness a go.

Appreciative is  closer of reward definition,it is means giving reward about how past time would take the success. Than inquiry is exploration and discovery,so research is the strategic to survive about the challenge on the future.

AI has the four step:
Discovery: synergy,change management,CBHRM, working managerial,remuneration
Dream:exploration about implementation hope
Design: vision and srategic

Just remember of change managerial.

Karawang indonesia
August 26th,2014

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