Sabtu, 27 September 2014

Fundamentaly economic (islamic perseption)

Now,i could say the world is being crisis. Why?because so many case in around place in the world get the horizontal conflict that rate is come from asimetris distribution economic.
Thats why,now so many countries have studying comprehensive for the problem. As soon we get hear that is something wrong from economic daily both of macro or micro.
May be the GDP from the country is representative of economic growth. Is that false?not,but not in correct because the fundamentaly of economics growth is about distribution from riich to poor people. Without  distribution,we can see that welfare just turn around riich people and the effect poor man couldnt come riich on.
This is the big problem,how to top up the poor country is come true?when the fundamentalic system not link in to deep problem. The poor man just become object

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